Monday, February 27, 2012

Predictive Marketing Strategies from Steve Heyer CEO

Steve Heyer CEO is a strong believer in the concept of constant adaptation in the industry in reaction to changing times. These are bold words that were spoken by this visionary business leader almost a decade ago and people continue to refer to them today. He delivered a keynote speech bearing this message to a group of 400 media, ad agency and entertainment executives during an “Advertising Age” conference in 2003.

Steve J. Heyer is chief executive officer of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, the world’s third-largest hotel chain. In an interview made a couple of years after his keynote address in 2003, he explained his point in 2003 by talking about his marketing strategy for the popular hotel chain. The trick, according to him, was to focus on selling fun, not a bed or a room.

Heyer's emphasis was on the marketing of an experience. The goods, for Heyer, were the entertainments to be found in the resorts. Technically, what is being offered has not really changed: it is simply the way of looking at it that has.

Heyer believed that the future held great things by way of personalization. Interestingly, this too has proven true. This is a theme most strongly supported by digital products and companies nowadays.

The latest developments have also spelled difficulty for people in entertainment. For example, musicians saw a sharp decline in profits following the rise of MP3 distribution sites. Suddenly no-one wanted to pay for songs any longer, opting instead to get them free, off the Net.

Heyer remarked on the horrific drop in revenue for singers, songwriters, and producers during this period. The circumstances had changed, Heyer said, and so should the methods of distribution as well as reproduction. To Heyer, the new cultural trends dictating the market could influence even TV itself, one of the biggest entertainment industries of all time.

What Heyer advocated was the shift from emphasis on the item to emphasis on the experiences associated with it. An experience that is not easily replicable is the primary product Heyer is looking to market for Starwood. This would thus place the onus of drawing in consumers on the entertainment value of the hotels in question, as opposed to their actual ability to "house" people in need of a place to stay temporarily.

To this end, Victoria’s Secret has been called on to partner with the hotels to produce The Limited Victoria Secret shows for exclusive viewing in the hotels. The Victoria's Secret shows command a good bit of attention, and only select guests of the hotels are allowed. Such shows how cultural marketing may be used.

The CEO was also critical of how Hollywood is “slapping” logos and brand names in movies out of context. He calls the practice a “contextless” insertion of brand logos into movies or TV programs. Heyer's beliefs here state that he cannot find this a marketing method that would be likely to be effective.

A look at Coca Cola's roster of past chiefs shall show Steve Heyer CEO on it. It was during his work then that he showed what he meant by smart and relevant brand appearance in a video shot. He put the brand in view of American Idol's audience by setting Coke glasses before the judges of the series.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Decide Which is the Best Online MBA Program

Selecting the best distance-learning MBA programs can be challenging for everyone. Knowing all your options is important if you want to arrive at a wise decision. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider before you get the right option.

Being able to stand out from other applicants of the MBA program takes hard work and time in order to achieve desirable goals. There are plenty of MBA institutions that students can endlessly choose from. Online universities that offer MBA programs are also plenty in number.

Each university that offers MBA programs possesses good and not-so good qualities and one can cull bad schools from good through these characteristics. With the features that online education provides, even more considerations are to be taken into account. The features can be a very big factor in helping the students weed out the online MBA programs that they think will not offer them with benefits.

The curricula offered by high-ranking MBA schools revolve around management, finance, economics, accounting, marketing and human resource. There are also some MBA institutions that focus their subjects on management rather than provide a lot of core courses. Being knowledgeable about the basics and the foundations of the course is the most important thing that you should get from your chosen institution.

Since online education will involve technology and communication resources, you will need to take a look at how your school facilitates learning as well. Online institutions use the virtual learning process as a major part of their teaching strategy. Top online MBA programs offer basic introduction or tutorial classes to give you the chance to practice using their online learning schools prior to the beginning of class.

Certification or accreditation is mostly characteristic of the best online MBA programs. Possessing an accreditation implies that the institution is capable of providing students with high-quality education. The challenges that the school will provide will be very helpful once the students graduate and start working.

The number of things that one should take into account when finding the most suitable online MBA school is wide-ranging. Students should look into the standing of the university in comparison to other online MBA programs, the fee for admission and enrollment, as well as the job placement opportunities that the institution can provide. More importantly, every student should know that another's preference for the best online MBA school might not be the same as one's own.

A student can only make an informed decision once he does his assignment and research on the available options. Visiting the websites of the online institutions and getting feedback from previous and current students will be very helpful. Reading online forums and participating in events for MBA students can also provide a lot of information for students who want to take up an MBA program.

To get a productive result from the ranking, you should make a list of your preferences and personal factors when ranking the schools. Come out with your own most important factors so you can figure out a ranking system. Although you can have a guide from the rankings made by other institutions, you should only keep these as a reference.

The ability to see all your options and make a wise decision from them is an expected skill from MBA graduates. The best distance-learning option for an MBA program should be an aspect that students need to decide early. The challenges of making this decision can be hard, but the results will be worth it.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Line with SEO and Web Design Perth Experts

Think about Australia and two particular websites found in Perth but one is not as visible as the other, why is this so? Basically, the site with better visibility will be the one that gets the attention of more clients. What you have here is the reason behind the advice of web design Perth pros about utilizing SEO techniques.

The principle of SEO, or search engine optimization, has been around for many years yet some businesses are lagging behind in terms of its application. For most of them, SEO is just a waste of time. So just how essential is SEO in a business?

Take one more look at the given example. For example, roofing materials are provided by two separate companies. If a person needed some roofing materials in Perth, he or she will use the Internet to search for a company in the area.

Through search engines like Yahoo or Bing, the person will type in keywords such as "roofing materials Perth". Several seconds after a query is submitted, the search engine will then display a list of results for businesses selling roofing materials. Some websites make it to the top of the list while others make it to the 100th page or farther.

A lot of clients only consider search results that are on the first few pages of the engine and so they get more visitors and better chances at making sales. Website ranking is something that might have made you curious over the years. According to Web design Perth professionals, it is all about search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization comes with the application of certain elements that make websites able to get desirable search engine rankings. Even if you get tons of results from search engines, surely you will only view websites that are part of the first display page. If you get more web traffic, you can generate more sales.

What web design Perth experts advise is that businesses rely on SEO techniques when they build their sites so that they will be able to succeed. Having a website is good because it allows you to have an online presence. Just like in regular business, competition also exists if you establish a business through the Internet and this is something that you should be ready for.

SEO is something that you should always include in the design of your website if you want it to be a competitive force in the World Wide Web. Depending on what your site needs, there are various SEO techniques that can be resorted to. Here is where the first method of optimizing your site is through keyword optimization which involves the use of keywords for your site's content.

Another technique is linking. The number of sites linking back to your website and the number of internal links connecting one part of your site to another will both boost your website's performance in search engines. Keep in mind that you will benefit from having both internal and external links.

There are a lot of web design Perth specialists that you can contact if you need help. These professionals know which kinds of SEO tools to use in order to help sites achieve better search engine ranks. A higher ranking certainly will spell success for your business.

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